Me, of course! I'm a Horgycar! To be precise, I'm a silver 1999 Mazda Miata with the sports package. I was so hard to find here in the U.S. that they had to bring me from Japan, then trade with a Houston dealership to get me. Horgycat must really love me.

Horgycat has done some neat stuff to me. I love it when she goes shopping! I've got a Hard Dog double diagonal roll bar, Flyin' Miata dual exhaust, Kosei K1 Racing Wheels, and a set of 205-50-15 Toyo T1S-s, that stick like glue. Then came the R-Speed Monster Flow air intake, that growls like a tiger under the hood, a Racing Beat header that gives me more punch in the mid range and fabulous two-tone-leather seats! Oh, and don't forget the nice set of pearly whites! The latest additions were the thicker sway bars to help in the corners!

Stop press! Horgycat adopted a brother for me on December 13th, 2002! Sadly, after a rather short life, he exists no more. His name was Teufel Hund and this is his story. There is a silver lining to this cloudy story though... Me and Horgycat tend to hang out with a small group of performance enthusiasts called the Outlaws. Check out HC's links at the top of the page and, for anyone who's into performance driving and wants to come and play with us, ask me questions, or just talk Miata, please send me an e-mail at: Horgycat.

Horgycar dressed for the track. Horgycar at the "Ranch." Horgycar at the PCA Time Trials. Horgycar at the "Ranch" again. Smile Horgycar!