Teufel Hund's life was cut short on October 5, 2004. He was just 8 years old with less than 60K on the clock.

Here follows an account of Teufel's demise, by Gunner:

"Well my outstanding 1996 MX5 is now a part of history. I was rear ended at a stoplight by a Ford F250. As someone said out here, it was not even a fair fight!

Crash details are pretty slim, I stopped for the light, he didn't, and I saw it coming. I was able to turn my wheels to the left so as not to get thrown into the car in front of me, and thus avoided being a Miata sandwich between two pickups. The impact sent my car flying over 17 yards with the brakes locked, I know how a croquet ball feels now, and I managed to just miss the tree in the grassy traffic divider. No one was injured, my car is toast, and he lost his front tag.The long and short of it is that I'll be getting a Mini Cooper S to replace my crumpled Miata. Of course you have to order them and mine will not be ready until around Dec/Jan timeframe. Still I am kinda jazzed about getting a new Mini."

...and here he is.

Nice rice! Marta-ay and Veedub take the autox by storm in the new Scooby! Riggs, Horgycat, Wiley, and
K-twanger, Marta-ay, Miatapops. Me and Horgycat out on the mini autox at MSR.